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Organizing Essentials : Life,Work and Everything in Between

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I am constantly working on creating a meaningful, fulfilling, organized, well-managed home/life/work balance. How about you!?

Though it seems to be ever evolving, and sometimes overwhelming; I find that using some great organizational tools, helps me dramatically!

Journals / Notebooks:

Some of my favorite books that offer great organizational tips are below:

I also find that the below apps and websites do a great job of helping me stay paper FREE :) and organized.

1) - This is my GO TO! I have gone to a paperless life and this is where I keep everything filed and organized from photos, to receipts, to financial documents, you name it. I pay a bit extra so that I have plenty of room for everything. I love that I can go to the app on my phone at any time, and you can scan documents right from your phone camera to the dropbox app!

2) - I love this for photos as well. I organize all my photos in albums and it is a go to of mine for Christmas cards, gifts, canvases and photo albums.

3) - This is such a cool money management/budget tool. If you have teenagers, this is a great time to get them started on money management and financial goals!

4) - Many know google for it's search engine, but if you do everything through google like I do, you'll appreciate all it has to offer. Calendar, Photos, Documents, Google Meet, Google Chat and so on.

Small Home Projects:

1) Teenage daughter closet- My daughter is a true minimalist :) and she recently begged to have two large furniture pieces removed from her room as well as an updated and organized closet. Closet system from IKEA.

Before: After:

2) Bathroom Shelves - This was very simple as just re-painted the shelves with plain white paint. Dumped all of the old and expired items and then organized remaining items into STORI organizers I purchased off of Amazon.

Before: After:

3) Loft / Playroom - The playroom has evolved over time as the kids have gotten older. We use it now mostly to work out, play board games and wrap presents at Christmas time :)

One purchase I am happy I made was the shelf specifically made just for our TONAL accessories. It keeps everything organized and looks good.


4) Garage Work Bench- This was just a matter of clearing out the entire workbench and throwing away old and broken items. Then using storage bins I already had to organize items by type.

Before: After:

5) Pantry - I first had our handyman cut out the top shelf so their was more overhead room. I painted the cement with white paint and added inexpensive but durable rugs from IKEA.

I found shelving and white storage at IKEA and Target, XOXO containers were on sale at Costco and I purchased the clear containers and labels from the Container Store.

Before: After:


Happy Organizing!



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