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Organized Pantry On A Budget!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I have always loved the large space under the stairs that has acted as our pantry for the past 15 years. I have NOT loved how everything has been stuffed into the space. So a few weeks ago, I went to work on making it a pantry I have always wanted; functional, efficient, clean, and bright. And under $1,000 !

It started with the clean out.......

I knew I also wanted to clean up the walls and get a new coat of paint on them. The floor was also in need of some help (since carpet was taken out years prior).

I had our handyman measure the back wall so that I could set out to find storage and shelving that fit perfectly into the space.

I came up with the shelving from IKEA. The fact that you can mix and match shelves and brackets, along with the affordable pricing was key. I found they were cheaper in the store vs online. I used four Bergshult shelves. The Granhult brackets I used came two to a pack. The Granhult connectors were individually packaged.

For the remaining storage I found Threshold brand 6 cube shelving ON SALE NOW!!

at Target. The cube storage was Threshold 13" Cube organizers Color dark Gray.


For the back wall to store my Kitchenaid mixer, toaster and Crock Pot, I use the Ikea Hyllis metal shelf.

For storage containers I had a mix of old containers and new that I purchased. Costco has a great deal on OXO brand containers. 12 for $59.99!

For the labels I used The Home Edit Labels from the Container Store.

The clear snack bins were Linus Pantry Bins from the Container Store. Some I had from before, so I only needed to buy four more. I also used glass containers I already owned from Hobby Lobby and white containers from IKEA. A great website to use if you can no longer find a bin or basket you currently have, but are ok with something similar is:

The added touches, were organizing my favorite cookbooks in rainbow color, hanging an IKEA print I had in my garage and brought back to life :) As well as adding two small rugs from IKEA.

For an added last touch I found a small sign to go above the door Magnolia Heart and Hand Pantry Sign from Target. It is now out of stock but I also found it here as well.

Total Cost: new items and paint only- (does not include containers I already had)

Ikea shelves: $40.00

Ikea shelf brackets: $18.00

Ikea Granhalt connecter: $10.00

Ikea Hyllis Metal Shelf: $9.99

Target Threshold Shelving: $120.00

Target Threshold Cubes: $60.00

Costco OXO container 12pk: $59.99

Linus Pantry Bins: $67.96

HomeEdit Pantry Labels: $9.99

Ikea rugs (2): $9.98

Target Magnolia Pantry Sign: $7.99

Home Depot Paint 1 Gallon: $27.98 (had some left over)

Home Depot White Primer 1 GL: $22.98 ( had some left over)

Handyman costs: $165.00

TOTAL: $629.86

Not only did this project end up within my budget (well under $1,000), but it will save me money in the long run! Everything has its place and is visible, so no more over buying things we don't need and only re stock when things get very low.

Please let me know what you think and share any great organizing ideas you have. I would love to hear about them!

Happy Organizing!

XO, Elisa

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