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Old Town Scottsdale Outing!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

It is always fun when the kids are out of school and you have no set plans for the week! HA

My parents are in town, but I still had to work this week so....heading to Old Town Scottsdale was my idea for the day. 1) Not gone all day 2) A place that still is interesting and fun and we don't visit often 3) Still close to home!

We decided to meet midday and have lunch at one of our favorite spots, The Original Chop Shop. We especially like the "bowls". So filling and super healthy! There are sooo many great places to eat in the area, you can find a long list here.

After a filling lunch, it was time to walk around and explore this historic little town.

Scottsdale was officially incorporated as a town in 1951. At that time, the population was 2,000.

The Sugar Bowl is one of Old Town Scottsdale’s oldest attractions; it opened on Christmas Eve, 1958. My kids LOVE the "Buster Brownie", but honestly there are sooo many great desserts. They do serve food other than dessert, but we tend to go just for the sweets :)

There are so many fun places to take photos and search through all the neat treasures in all of the stores.

Can't wait to go back and explore another day!



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