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New Finds

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

April 15, 2022

Another great week of new finds!

1) HUM Nutrition - Love the variety this site offers. I purchased the Gut Instinct capsules and the Boost Sweet Boost Gummies. I love the auto ship option and the wide variety of supplements they carry.

2) Naturalizer Adiline Loafer - I love a good classic pair of loafers. I wear them with cropped dress pants and a blazer, slim jeans and blouse or blazer and they even go well with a cute skirt and top. These are classic and are a great addition to my closet.

3) Luggage - This is a great deal on 3 pieces of roller luggage. I feel fine if it gets thrown around while traveling because they are not overly expensive but durable.

4) THINK Bars - I give credit to my daughter Cienna for finding these. They are high in protein and have no artificial sweeteners. My kids have them in the morning if they don't have time to eat a full breakfast, and I throw them in my work bag for a snack on the plane or a quick lunch.

5) Braxley Bands - I love my Apple Watch Braxley Band! It is so comfortable, doesn't get sweaty and sticky and comes off and on easily! I can't wait to get a few more colors!

6) VUORI Lifeguard Hat - This is the perfect hat for summer and trips to the beach! I love the VUORI line of clothing as well. The joggers and shorts are my go to!

7) O'KEEFE'S Working Hands - This is not brand you may know, but if you are super rough on your hands like I am or live in dry weather, like I do! :) This stuff is AMAZING! A little goes a long way! They have a great one for feet too.

8) Just Tacos - I told you these weekly lists would be random :) But this taco shop is the BEST! I personally love all of their street tacos, but if you visit their website and look at their menu, you will see they offer a wide range of food. Check them out if you live in the Phoenix area, or are visiting!

9) YETI Rambler Travel Mug - I have a lot of travel mugs, but I personally love this one because of the handle and it fits well in my car cup holder. I am a huge YETI fan!

See you next week!



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