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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

April 8, 2022

I keep forgetting to write down or document the cool items, websites, charities, etc. that I discover almost on a weekly basis! So I am hoping to keep them compiled here and will update weekly :-) It definitely is a bit random, but I hope you enjoy!

1) NuttZo - I LOVE this stuff! I get mine at Costco at a great price, but you can find all sorts of flavors and items directly on their website. What I love as well, is that with every product you purchase, NuttZo donates portions of each sale to its sister nonprofit Project Left Behind which benefits underprivileged and orphaned children around the world. It doesn't hurt that it tastes amazing too!

2) Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars - These are such a great quick snack. My kids love them, and I pack them in my work bag when I travel for a quick pick me up on the plane or when I am in the hospital for hours. I have been purchasing mine at Costco which is a great deal. However you can find them in places like Walmart as well.

3) MOTHER Denim - I am really not one to spend a lot of money on clothing, but lately I have been purging my closet and trying to keep just the essentials and classics. I mostly wear scrubs and running shoes to work these days (sometimes an occasional suit for important meetings). I am realizing how much extra clothing I have and never wear. It is a great time for Spring cleaning and passing those items on to charities! I feel like I can now invest in a few items I love and wear all the time, and have versatile pieces that I can mix and match. These jeans are one of those items that can be worn casual or dressed up!

4) iPhone 11 Pro Max Case - I needed a new iPhone case so badly, and this one does the job! Lightweight and crisp looking. You can find on Amazon, Walmart, and other sites.

The price is great too.

5) Carnegie's Maid Book - I host book club in June, so I have started researching the book I am going to choose. I cannot wait to read this one.

6) TEVA Hurricane Drift Sandals - My son is going to Puerto Rico soon with his school class and needs a great pair of waterproof sandals that will also stay on his feet when tubing etc. These fit him perfectly and look cool too :) I love their classic style as well.

7) CALPAK - I travel every week and have become quite an efficient packer. My go to brand for travel items is CALPAK. I have 2 styles of backpack, duffels, toiletry bag, packing cubes etc. all from CALPAK. This is the most recent duffel I purchased. Check them out!

8) H.E.L.P SNACKZ - I have the privilege of doing volunteer work through our local Boys Team Charity. H.E.L.P SNACKZ is one organization I love being a part of here in Phoenix, AZ. There are so many charities just waiting for help, here is a great site that offers an assortment of charities nationwide if you are looking to offer your time. If you are in Arizona, this is a great site.

9) The Body Shop - I was traveling in Denver and stopped into The Body Shop at DIA and found the best lip balm!! Lots of great flavors, but I purchased the pink grapefruit.

Have a great weekend!



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