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"My Favorite Thing" Teen Christmas Party!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

My daughter has hosted a Christmas party for her same group of school friends for 3 years now. It has been so fun to create themes that fit their current likes and age :)

For 2020's party the theme was one of my favorites (No pun intended) :)

"My Favorite Thing" Holiday Party.

If you have never gone to a "favorite things" party, the basic rules are that you bring your favorite thing x the amount of guests attending. For this party we did not set a spend limit, but you could. Each person wraps their items in cute wrap etc and I set them all out on a table for display. When they are ready, they go around the table explaining why the item they brought is their favorite and each person fills their bag with an item from each person. I know this theme has different rules, but I kept it simple for 14/15 year olds ;)

I bought simple white bags for the girls tp write their names on and fill with their gifts. My daughter also made up some fun games for the girls to play and had prizes for the winners.

I also contributed to the "Favorite Thing" Table :) and added a cute holiday spatula and cookie cutter from Target (on clearance now!)

The girls loved it and had so much fun going home with SO MUCH STUFF! :)

As I do every year, I also sent the girls home with a fun party favor. This year it included:

1) Bath and Body Works Gift Card

2) Bath and Body Works travel lotion

3) Bath and Body Works mini hand sanitizer

6) Mini start shaped bath bomb

7) Single use face mask

8) Mini candy canes

9) Christmas chocolates

For food I kept it easy and ordered pizza, pasta and salads from our favorite neighborhood pizza joint. Dessert was simple trays of cookies and Christmas treats

A Hot Chocolate Bar is always so fun and festive, and since the girls decided to watch the movie "ELF" outside, hot cocoa was just the thing to warm them up!

The girls had a great time and I am already looking forward to thinking up next years Christmas party theme!



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