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Summer Outdoor Favorites 2021

Hard to believe summer is here!

Sadly here in AZ it is almost over since our kids get out of school in May and start again in early August! But for those of you that have until Labor Day.....

I have thrown together a mish mash of items that might make your summer that much brighter!




Another fun and rewarding idea is to get a group together to assemble summer hygiene and snack kits for the homeless.

My daughter and her friends did this and they loved how it felt to help others in need! We dropped them off at a local homeless charity and they distributed them all.

I purchased the items on Amazon.

I also made up some fun "Ready for Summer" goodie bags one year for my daughter and her friends for the last day of school a few years ago. (It included a book I made on Shutterfly of the trip they took to Costa Rica with their class that spring), along with mini summer essential goodies.

Enjoy your Summer wherever you are!



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