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Organizing A Gift Closet

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

In our busy lives, making a few things a bit easier, makes a lot of sense to me.

Anyone who knows me is very aware of my obsessive organizational side :) I don't like clutter and I really try to keep items in our house that we need and use often, vs just having stuff everywhere :)

However, I do find that having a few random gifts on hand (especially with kids in the house) because there always seems to be birthdays popping up at the last minute where a gift or gift card is needed.

I designated a shelf at the end of our hall for gifts and items I could have on hand for:

Birthdays / House Warming Gifts / Wedding-Baby Showers / "Just Because" etc.

Believe me, I am still working on growing the items but I do it when I find sales, have my own gift cards to spend :) or find very unique items that someone would love :)

I first painted the shelf with a basic white paint (it was a bit tattered) and this brightened it up!

I had quite a few items and gift cards already collected that I used as my starter gifts.


1) mini lotions

2) travel hand sanitizer

3) the ever popular scrunchies

4) fun and good smelling soaps

5) large and small candles

6) insulated wine cups, insulated coffee cups etc.

7) lip gloss

8) gift cards from all types of places

As you might recognize, I love saving the little cute pouches from our monthly IPSY items and use for gift card holders, jewelry pouches etc.

I then found a few storage containers at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I love this store, and you can usually always find a 20% coupon to use.

I used containers from iDESIGN. I used items from the "Bath Organizer Collection". The clear stackable storage box, the large bath bin and divided bath bin.

I hope this inspires you to start a fun gift shelf, cabinet, closet (whatever you want to do) :)

Happy shopping & organizing!



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