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Organizing A Gift Closet

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

In our busy lives, making a few things a bit easier, makes a lot of sense to me.

Anyone who knows me is very aware of my obsessive organizational side :) I don't like clutter and I really try to keep items in our house that we need and use often, vs just having stuff everywhere :)

However, I do find that having a few random gifts on hand (especially with kids in the house) because there always seems to be birthdays popping up at the last minute where a gift or gift card is needed.

I designated a shelf at the end of our hall for gifts and items I could have on hand for:

Birthdays / House Warming Gifts / Wedding-Baby Showers / "Just Because" etc.

Believe me, I am still working on growing the items but I do it when I find sales, have my own gift cards to spend :) or find very unique items that someone would love :)

I first painted the shelf with a basic white paint (it was a bit tattered) and this brightened it up!

I had quite a few items and gift cards already collected that I used as my starter gifts.


8) gift cards from all types of places

As you might recognize, I love saving the little cute pouches from our monthly IPSY items and use for gift card holders, jewelry pouches etc.

I then found a few storage containers at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I love this store, and you can usually always find a 20% coupon to use.

I used containers from iDESIGN. I used items from the "Bath Organizer Collection". The clear stackable storage box, the large bath bin and divided bath bin.

I hope this inspires you to start a fun gift shelf, cabinet, closet (whatever you want to do) :)

Happy shopping & organizing!



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