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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

July 15, 2022

Another list of fun finds this past week!

1) Trader Joes Tres Leches Cake - This is the best cake ever! Light, flavorful, and addicting! I need to keep in the garage fridge once opened, or I will eat in one sitting :)

2) Made In Nature Fruision Pops Red Razzy - These are so great when I travel. Healthy, filling and an easy snack to have on the plane. This company has lots of awesome snacks to check out.

3) Pastel Cactus Melamine Salad Plates Set Of 4 - These plates are so cute and practical! Great for indoor or outdoor gatherings.

4) Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress - Such a cute dress, easy to wear for summer.

5) Women's Huarache Sandal - I can't wait to try these on and wear them with a cute dress, jeans or shorts! *** Update! Have worn them a lot since original post and they are so cute. i especially like to wear them with jeans.

6) Women's Teal Floral Scalloped Crisscross One Piece Swimsuit - Can't wait to wear this, this summer!

7) Vegan Gourmet Mixed Fruit Gummi Teddies - I am a total candyaholic! However I am trying to do a better job of cutting back on my sugar intake. So these were a great find!

8) Oru Dry Bag - We are lucky enough to be heading to Maui soon and I am so excited to use the dry bag for a day trip we have planned on a catamaran to go snorkeling! It fits a lot more than it seems in the picture.

9) ATHLETA Coffee Run Wallet 2.0 - I travel a lot, and I try to minimize how much I take with me, so this takes the place of a bulky purse and doesn't allow me to bring anything more than I need :)



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