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Meal Planning: Month of April

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

My goal is to start helping to make meal planning a bit easier for you all.

I know you all have fabulous recipes and family favorites of your own, but sometimes you just need to mix it up and get a few new ideas :)

Below is a basic guide to help you get organized. Especially in these challenging times when (maybe like me) you are only going to the grocery store once per week.

I've laid out an example of what a typical month looks like in our house for meals.

I would LOVE you to comment on what you are making and any favorites your family asks for time and time again :)


Monday ~ Hamburgers / Fries

Tuesday ~ My friend Jen's Enchiladas (recipe below)

Wednesday ~ Turkey Slop I have been making my slop for years and my family loves it - great as leftovers too or to place in tortillas as burritos - I will post a picture my mom sent me (she now makes it :)

Thursday ~ Turkey Burgers / Chips

Friday ~ Local Take Out

WEEKEND: Leftovers / Frozen Lasagna (I grew up on Stouffer's :),Baked or SW Potato Bar



Monday ~ Turkey Chili

Tuesday ~ Mole' Tacos

Wednesday ~ Salmon / Rice / Salad

Friday ~ Local Take Out or Leftovers

WEEKEND: Shredded Chicken or leftover Mole' Quesadillas / "breakfast for dinner"



Monday ~ Turkey Kielbasa Broccoli Pasta

Friday ~ Tortilla Soup

WEEKEND: Pizza delivered / Grilled Panini's w/ soup / Naan Bread, Hummus,Veggies



Monday ~ Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps I love using butter lettuce- good recipe

Wednesday ~ Meatloaf and Sweet Potato Fries Like this recipe

Thursday ~ Ground Turkey or Beef Tacos

Friday ~ Take out or Leftovers

WEEKEND: Pasta dish of your choice / Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup / Eat Out :)


Breakfast Ideas : Yogurt and fruit parfait / scrambled eggs and avocado toast /

Lunch Ideas: Salad with tunafish and Italian dressing / Tuna sandwich /

Egg Salad Sandwiches / Deli Sandwiches with Chips

Both of these help keep me organized!

Happy Cooking!!



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Love the photos and great ideas. Definitely plan to try the broccoli fried rice

tomorrow with left over chixbreast.


Scott Harthorne
Scott Harthorne
Apr 06, 2020

Thanks for all the great ideas! The broccoli fried rice is legit! Mmmmm :)

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