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Favorite Books To Give As Gifts

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I am a BIG book lover! Not only do I love being part of a book club and reading a new book each month, but I love collecting books / cookbooks etc. and giving them as gifts to my friends and family!

Below I have listed out a few books I love to give as gifts!

Now might be a great time to send one to a friend or family member!?

I also signed up for Amazon's Prime Book Box for my 11 year old son ( he needs a little push in the reading department) HAHA

I love that you can choose a few books and they come (in my case, every 3 months)!

So far it has been a hit with my son :)

I am searching for something similar for my daughter for the summer ( she reads at least 2 books a month during the school year already). I know Book of The Month Club is popular, but I am hoping to find something more geared towards teens. Amazon Book Box only goes up to age 12..... maybe Unplugged Book Box , The Book Drop, ?? ( I will research and do a follow up post! :)

I also LOVE the website and app GOODREADS. This is such an awesome place to save book titles and you can organize by books you want to read, are reading or have read. It is so fun because you can invite friends and then you can see what they are reading and get great ideas on new books!

Happy Reading!



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